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  • About Gemdale


    Our Mission



    Our Mission Vision


    Gemdale Group was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600383.SH) in 2001. After decades of exploration and practice, Gemdale Group has now developed into a comprehensive listed company with real estate development as its main business and comprehensive development of related diversified businesses. The business covers real estate development, commercial real estate and industrial park town development and operation, real estate finance, intelligent services, sports industry operation, home decoration industry, agent construction industry, education industry, etc. Its business scope is domestic and overseas, covering more than 280 large and medium-sized cities in China and 8 different cities and regions on the east and west coasts of the United States. As of December 31, 2021, Gemdale has total assets of about 462.8 billion Yuan and net assets attributable to shareholders of about 63 billion Yuan. Gemdale has been listed in the Forbes Global Enterprises 2000 list and the Fortune China 500 list for many consecutive years.

    Our Mission:The Science of Living

    Science is a developing idea that respects laws,
    an inclusive value concept, an attitude for endless improvement
    and a behavioral habit for ultimate perfection.

    The essence of science starts from caring for the needs of human nature. Therefore, we believe that scientific management structure and development model would be powerful pillars for Gemdale industry. With scientific guidance and applying scientific tools, methods and prospects, Gemdale shall be devoting to endless perfection and pursuit of the ideal life.

    Our Vision:
    Becoming the Most Valuable International Company in China

    Adhering to a business philosophy featuring integrity, humanism, science, and ideology
    Gemdale’s continuous expansion in real estate industry-relevant business areas has maintained innovative thinking and unswerving pursuit of quality in its products and services. Striving to offer customers products and services of incomparable value, generate abundant social wealth for government and the public, steadily and unceasingly create revenues for shareholders and partners, and open up promising career development paths, through international vision and global practice, Gemdale is seeking, via continuous progress, to become the most valuable international Group for its stakeholders.

    Chairman's Message

    The greatest rejuvenation in Chinese history has come in on a tide of worldwide globalization, accompanied by a stream of wonders. It has ushered forth a number of Chinese enterprises that have influenced the world and made China's voice heard on the international stage. Gemdale, aspired by the vision of "creating the most valuable Chinese enterprise with global influence", has witnessed and participated in this rapid change.

    In this great movement, Gemdale always uphold the "by heart, honesty, courage and enterprising, perpetuate the dream" spirit of enterprise, heart, honest, dare to think, strive to become the emerging in the tide of globalization of Chinese power, and other excellent Chinese enterprises hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder to undertake the mission of Chinese companies to develop global.

    With dreams in mind, we must move forward steadfastly. In the new era, Gemdale takes science and technology as the guide, industry as the platform, closely follows the development pulse of The Times, provides diversified services for the integrated development of industry and city, and is committed to becoming a "comprehensive city service provider" and "developer of the new district with the integration of industry and city".We uphold the professional spirit, the pursuit of excellence, and continue to create a better way of life and space for people.

    As we stride forward into the global market, we are committed to value creation, providing customers with outstanding products and services, employees with ample opportunity for professional growth, and shareholders and partners with steady profits, while shouldering corporate social responsibilities for the community, with a global view and international standards.

    With farsighted leadership, we take the "Science of Living" as our core mission. We believe that science is a growth mindset that respects objective laws and encompasses diverse values, is the basis for rational attitudes that seek constant improvement, and also demands the highest order of behaviors and habits. This scientific governing structure and developmental model will provide a powerful pillar for Gemdale's long-lasting growth.

    Gemdale will continue to use scientific tools, methods and vision to create value and provide the ideal life.

    Science is not just an attitude or method. It is also a concept that infinitely seeks the truth and the power to push us forward. We respect humanity, encourage exploration, and take action to drive the future with innovation and creation.

    Gemdale Corporation chairman: Kevin Ling
    Our perspective

    Be Devoted

    Devotion comes from our passion for our cause. We will work wholeheartedly to challenge ourselves and realize a leap from good to great.

    Be Sincere

    Sincerity represents honest personality and winning trust with integrity. We will follow the spirit of seeking truth and work diligently to achieve what we have promised.

    Be brave

    Forging ahead represents the positive attitude for life and cause; while making achievements requires the resolution and valor to achieve a goal. To advance and make greater achievements, we should start from knowing the actual conditions, have the courage to break the routines and be ready to accept new things, so that we can keep pace with the times and make greater achievements one after another.

    Be a Dreamer

    Cherishing a dream forever is the power for pursuing excellence and realizing a leap from good to great. It stands for the persistent pursuit of a dream and a commitment made by staff of Gemdale to themselves and to the future. A great dream calls for a long voyage; a great dream is a guide to action. We will cherish a dream forever and achieve greater success in the future!

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